CONSUMER                     FACING

This isn't your teenager's social media. Platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram now have advanced features that help us hyper-focus marketing tactics. Not only can we target our social ads by age range, we can now sharpen that reach to include region, income, down to the most specific of behavioral traits.


Now that we've found our audience – what do we have to say?


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CONTEXT                      CONTENT

Today's consumer thrives off knowledge. A well-written, intriguing article can build trust with your audience, positioning you as a subject matter expert. When placed in the correct context, that content can yield your brand invaluable exposure. It's a right place, right time kind of thing – now, you have both.


You've got them listening, and now they're interested. What comes next?


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INTEREST                      INTRIGUE

In the hierarchy of the consumer consciousness, it always comes back to one thing: what's in it for me? The landing pages we design answer that question very effectively. By giving clear, concise responses to this key value proposition, we give consumers the peace of mind needed to commit to an offering.


Congrats! You now have a successful marketing funnel. The question is – can we do better?


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LEARN                      GROW

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Analytics are essential to growth. By learning which ad performed best and what blog performed worst, we can hone our marketing strategy accordingly to achieve optimal ROI. True success is never one and done – for continued growth, you need digital marketing that evolves as it matures.


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"We came in wanting to advertise one of our more unique services. Our target market was very specific… when the Bloom team told me they could hit a certain demo[graphic] in a certain distance while staying within our budget, we were sold."




– Jamell Givens

Co-founder at Globalized Homes

"I choose who I work with carefully – that's why these guys were the perfect fit. Not only did they come up with creative campaigns, they executed them without a hitch while being warm and professional throughout. If you've been waiting for the right team to finally market your business, look no further. These lads are the real deal."


– Kevin Allen

Founder and CEO at EI Games

"Talk about putting your money where your mouth is. Matt and Sujit helped us market our natural soap company, got us insane exposure, and delivered us a new client base. Needless to say, we sold out on soaps and have had a hard time keeping up with orders! Now, if they only knew how to make soap….."



– Omari Bookal

CEO at Tiger Naturals


We are big agency creatives that got tired of big agency bureaucracy. Instead, we came together to offer what our competition couldn't: high-quality marketing at an affordable cost. Today, more than ever, brands need to be lean and mean in order to compete. As business-minded writers and designers, we can create top-tier campaigns that don't have you betting your bottom dollar.


Is your brand ready for more business? Get in touch today and we'll bring the mountain to you.

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